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What are the benefits of consuming Shruumz premium microdose chocolate

  1. Based on the information provided in the search results, the key benefits of consuming Shruumz premium microdose chocolate bars include:Microdosing Effects:The chocolate bars are designed for microdosing, providing a subtle, energetic, and uplifted mood when taking 1-2 squares

  2. Functional Mushroom Blend:The bars contain a blend of functional mushrooms including Lions Mane, Reishi, and Chaga, which are known for their cognitive, mood-enhancing, and immune-boosting properties

  3. Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids:The bars also contain a hemp extract with low doses of cannabinoids like CBDa, CBD, CBN, and CBG, which can synergistically enhance the effects of the mushrooms

  4. Variety of Flavors:The chocolate bars come in a range of flavors like Dark Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon, Cookie Butter, Fruity Cereal, and Cookies & Cream, providing a pleasant taste experience

  5. Customizable Dosing:The 1.6oz bars are divided into 15 pieces/doses, allowing users to start with a microdose and gradually increase to their desired effect

In summary, the key benefits of Shruumz premium microdose chocolate bars are the microdosing capabilities, functional mushroom blend, hemp-derived cannabinoids, variety of flavors, and customizable dosing options, all of which can provide a range of physical and mental benefits.

Shruumz premium microdose chocolate

The Shruumz premium microdose chocolate bars are a unique product designed for microdosing with a blend of functional mushrooms and other ingredients. These chocolate bars come in a 1.6oz size with 15 pieces or doses per bar. The active ingredients in the Shruumz bars include Lions Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, and a Hemp Extract containing low doses of CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC. These bars are crafted to offer a pleasant taste experience while providing the desired effects for microdosing throughout the day or for a more pronounced effect when taken in larger doses. The bars are available in various flavors like Cookies & Cream and Cookie Butter, offering a unique and enjoyable way to incorporate functional mushrooms into one's routine without containing Psilocybin or Amanita mushrooms.


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